Wednesday, September 25, 2013

how to wear your pajamas in public

the other day, i was at home in my pajamas in the middle of the day. {which, by the way, is a perfectly acceptable thing to do!} i worked out, showered, and put those bad boys right back on. {just the bottoms though. i am dignified enough to throw on a fresh t shirt}. i then realized that i had to run to the store to buy some sustenance for my family for the week. so, i swapped the flannel PJs for some yoga pants, donned a fitted workout jacket and went to the grocery store. just as comfy as jammies, but not technically jammies. {why is it ok to wear yoga pants to the store but not pajamas?! maybe it's not. don't care. still wearin the yoga pants.} i really can't bring myself to sacrifice my comfort for a freaking trip to the grocery store. i know, i know, stacey and clinton would kill me for using the "c" word {comfortable!}

but i refuse to believe that most people wear blouses and slacks and heels to the grocery store. i mean come on! i go to the grocery store all the time. i see what people wear. i would look like an idiot in biz cazsh at the grocery store. or the park. or the post office. or basically anywhere you would run errands. i feel like you can be comfortable and still look put together, and feel like you're wearing pajamas without looking sloppy

and it's especially easy this time of year! look. i'm a stay at home mom. the best part about my job is that i don't have to wear pants unless i want to. or unless i have to leave the house. so when i do have to brave the outdoors and i'm forced to doctor my PJs look, here's what i do:

pajama look #1
this is the most basic jammie look. swap the flannel for some booty-showy-offy yoga pants, add an athletic jacket and you have a look that says "I AM ALL WOMAN AND I JUST FINISHED YOGA CLASS!" everyone is more forgiving of comfy clothes if they look like they were donned to do something productive. with this outfit, you can show off your womanly shape, feel like you're in your jim-jams, and make everyone think you take care of yourself {which you probably do anyway, you just did it several hours ago and have since had several wardrobe changes}.

pajama look #2
this one is a little more complicated but it is also more widely accepted by society, if you're into that kind of thing. if i'm not in my flannel jammies at home, i'm in my favorite pair of black leggings. unfortunately, leggings don't count as pants. so i have to doctor the look again in order to meet my public. so i throw on a knit tube skirt over the leggings, grab a big slouchy cardigan and throw on a scarf and BOOM. i look like i'm wearing real clothes, when in fact, everything i'm wearing is either stretchy or baggy. that counts as pajamas. we're 2 for 2.

pajama look #3
this look is also more complicated but more socially acceptable. it's like #2 but with a twist! you start with your legging version of pajamas, swap the tshirt for a tshirt DRESS, the uggs for moccasins, and add a scarf and cardi. it's all stretchy or slouchy; it's pajamas.

so there you have it. i am no fashion blogger, and i don't claim to have crazy-awesome, stand-out style. but i'm no slob.  at least not in public. and when i'm doing something entirely unimportant that requires leaving my house, i think it's ok to wear pajamas! just hide it.

don't tell.


  1. I've always said yoga pants are just socially acceptable pajama pants. This all makes perfect sense to me. You've given me a lot of legging possibilities to ponder (why oh why did I never think of the knit skirt over????). Especially as it gets cold here!!!

  2. Also Clinton and Stacey gif for the win!!!